Next to take to the runway in our catwalk of seasonal flowers is the delicate, ruffley, round and glorious…Ranunculus. 

Rearing their perfect little pom-pom heads in the cold winter months, we see Ranunculus in the shop from December through to May. They come in all tightly compact, their petals forming guarded little balls. Gradually they let down their guard and open up their papery petals until they look like fluffy manes of tiny lions.   

Their soft, romantic texture and variety of stunning colours make ranunculus a popular wedding flower (spot them in the bridal bouquet below). We love them in everything and look forward to seeing them at this time every year, helping us stay cheerful through the dark days.

In celebration of our frilly friend, here are five facts about Ranunculus:

  1. The name Ranunculus come from latin meaning ‘little frog’, possibly because many wild species are found near water.
  2. The Florist’s Ranunculus is closely related to the buttercup. 
  3. In the language of flowers, giving a bouquet of Ranunculus means “I am dazzled by your charms”.
  4. The species of Ranunculus familiar to florists, Ranunculus asiaticus is also known as the Persian Buttercup. It is native to the Eastern Mediterranean, Northwest Asia and North East Africa
  5. Ranunculus plants are protected in some countries including Israel.

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