Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love and letting the person you love know about it. Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love. Roses mean love, red means love. It’s a universal language – giving red roses almost anywhere in the world can not be mistaken for anything other than a gesture of love.

But a red rose is not always just a red rose…Or not to a florist anyway! There are different varieties of red roses and each year we make our choice as to which roses we are going to stock for Valentines Day. In this blog I’m going to introduce you to the three different red roses we will be offering for Valentines Day 2020 – The Rhodos Rose, Freedom Rose and Red Naomi.

Rhodos Rose

The Rhodos Rose is grown in greenhouses at high altitudes which means they get exposed to lots of sunlight, helping them to grow into strong, robust flowers. They have a vibrant passionate red colour and their stems are thornless.

Freedom Rose

The red Freedom Rose is a variety that hails from Columbia and Ecuador. The freedom rose has a ruby red flower and shiny dark green leaves. We will be offering 70cm length Freedom Roses for Valentines Day this year.

Red Naomi

The Red Naomi is the creme de la creme of Valentines roses. Growers first brought the Red Naomi to flower markets in 2006, having bred the perfect red rose and it has since become established as the ultimate high-end Valentine’s rose. 

Its large flower heads can have as many as 80 petals, it has a deep, smooth and velvety red colour and a sweet, subtle scent. In fact, Red Naomis are the only commercially grown red rose that is truly scented. 

We know size isn’t everything, but it is worth mentioning that we will be stocking Red Naomi Roses with 80cm stems, which adds extra drama to this already spectacular rose.

Call the shop on 01926 425 272 to place your order for Valentine’s Day.

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