It’s been over a year since we started our Subscription Flowers service so it feels like high time we posted a blog about it! We are also giving £10 off the first month of any of our subscription flowers packages to celebrate summer! The details are at the end of this blog post.

The idea came about because of the introduction and rise of national flower subscription services. We actually tried out some of the national subscription services and just knew that as a local, independent florist we could do even better for our local customers. We have the advantage of our expertise, the ability to be flexible, and most importantly, knowing our customers.

So we decided to go for it and we’ve been thrilled with the positive response so far.

Subscription Regency Flowers Leamington

How Are We Different?

Before we launched our subscription flowers, we did some research among our lovely local customer base to make sure we understood what they wanted and that we were fulfilling their particular floral needs and desires. We found that four main points that kept coming up were freshness, buying local, seasonality and environmental issues.


How we Make Sure our Subscription Flowers are Fresh, Beautiful and Long-Lasting

 Unlike some of the large national companies, we don’t just post a box of stems through your door though. We use the expertise of our trained florists to create professional, hand-tied bouquets for our subscription customers.

This means your flowers are in water until the moment we lift them out of our delivery van and bring them to your door. They arrive fresh, healthy and with the best chance of a long vase-life.

They are also artfully arranged ready to be placed straight in a vase, with the option of untying the bouquet to rearrange the flowers yourself or distribute across smaller vases in different rooms.

Regency Flowers Leamington Spa Luxury Subscription

A Local Service

Many of our customers tell us they like to buy local and prefer to use small Leamington businesses than large chains or corporate giants. This seems to have moved even further towards the forefront of people’s minds this year because of the unprecedented challenges faced by small businesses.

People in the Leamington/Warwick area seem to recognise the many benefits of shopping local. In this case for example, because we are small and local we are able to offer highly personal and flexible customer service. If people have a particular flower they love or don’t like, if they need to change a delivery date or want to request something special and bespoke, they speak directly to one of our expert florists in the shop who are making up and delivering their flowers. We can easily tailor our service to our customers and there’s no waiting on hold or talking to call centres.

Our subscription flower deliveries are available to addresses with a CV31, CV32, CV33 and CV34 postcode.


Seasonal Flowers

Seasonality is at the heart of our ethos and this is reflected in our subscription flowers. Each monthly bouquet we deliver is different – reflecting the flowers and colours of the season, ensuring freshness and quality and giving a pleasant surprise for our subscribers each month.



We recognise that environmental issues are increasingly at the top of our customers’ agenda so all our subscription bouquets are wrapped simply in paper and tied with natural raffia. When our customers are within walking distance of the shop, we often walk their flowers to them and if not, we make just short local journeys in our delivery van, taking the most efficient routes to cut our driving time.

Regency Flowers Leamington Spa Flower Subscription

What Subscription Flower Packages Do We Offer?

Again, having spoken to our customers and local Leamington residents, we have designed our offering to include different subscription packages that provide options for different wants and needs. This includes gift-giving as well as indulging yourself.

Subscriptions can be taken on a rolling monthly basis – great if you’re giving yourself the treat of fresh flowers every month, and this option can be paused or changed at any time.

We also offer packages which are paid for upfront which make fabulous gifts. Options like ‘Three Months of Flowers’ make a wonderful present for anyone who likes fresh flowers in their house. It extends the idea of buying a bouquet of flowers into an ongoing gift that lasts for months.


A Whole Year of Flowers

 One package goes even further to celebrate the idea of seasonality – ‘Four Seasons in Flowers’ gives the recipient a hand-tied bouquet of flowers every quarter, one in each of the seasons. Picture a vibrant spring bouquet full of tulips, anemones and ranunculus; a summery armful of peonies and stocks; an autumnal collection of dahlias and grasses and a Christmassy bouquet featuring festive amaryllis. It is a true celebration of our changing seasons and the star appearances of different flowers throughout the year.


Summer Subscription Offer

 To take advantage of our Summer Discount Offer of £10 off the first month of any Regency Flowers subscription package, use the coupon code SUMMERFLOWERS10 at the checkout when signing up to your subscription.

The coupon is valid until 31st August and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher code or offer.


To have a browse and find more information about the different subscription packages,

click through to our Subscription Flowers page.

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